We welcome motivated, curious, and capable people to join us on our mission to figure out how the brain works!

In general it is useful for people who will work in this lab to have good programming skills, and a genuine interest in figuring out how the brain works, rather than for example just making great AI models. Developing models is much like programming in the amount of patience and bug-finding required, except that unlike programming, the models are often so complex and literally take on a “mind of their own”, that it can take much longer to figure out what is going on. Basically, regular programming is a fun break from developing models because the bugs are a lot easier to find and fix. If you have this kind of motivation and perserverence, you can be rewarded by working on the greatest unsolved problems of our time! And figure out how your own brain works in the bargain.

Prospective Graduate Students

Note: due to the move to UC Davis, I am not exactly sure how everything works yet, but I’m pretty sure that I will be able to work with students across a range of different graduate groups. Probably the safest and easiest is Psychology, but Computer Science, Neuroscience, and others are likely to work too.

For Psychology grads, typically it is best for students to work collaboratively with the CCNLab on computational modeling, and other labs who have a more experimental focus to test the predictions of the models. For students who are primarily interested in more empirically-oriented research, it is best to think of this lab as a secondary mentor, so you should make sure to contact an appropriate primary mentor.

Prospective Postdocs

If you have relevant background and interests, please contact us about possible positions. When there are specific positions available, we will typically advertise, but otherwise there might be some possibilty, and people with their own funding are obviously easier to accommodate.

Prospective Visitors / Interns

Due to the complex nature of computational modeling, it is often difficult to make significant progress within the short period of time associated with e.g., a summer internship. If you have support for visiting for longer time periods, 6 months or longer, then please do contact us.

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