Thanks especially to Dr. Thomas McKenna and Dr. Harold Hawkins at ONR for many years of steady funding!

Note: the listing on O’Reilly’s Randall C. O'Reilly, CV is likely to be more current.

Current Funding

  • Dynamic Cortico-Hippocampal Interactions for Flexible Goal-Driven Agents. ONR N00014-20-1-2578, 8/17/2020 - 8/16/2023, $2,250,000 total costs (PI, Co-PI’s Charan Ranganath, Erie Boorman, and Ignacio Saez).

  • Capturing the Power and Pitfalls of Human Decision-Making. ONR N00014-18-C-2067, 9/18 - 8/22, $2,000,000 total costs (PI, eCortex primary, CU subcontract to McKell Carter, Co-PI).

  • Deep Predictive Learning in Vision, ONR N00014-19-1-2684 / N00014-18-1-2116, 3/1/18 - 8/31/22, $1,600,000 total costs. PI.

Previous Funding

  • Bidirectional Vision, ONR N00014-14-1-0670 / N00014-16-1-2128, 5/14 - 3/20, $3,500,000 total costs, PI, including subcontract to David Sheinberg at Brown, and Tim Curran project as Co-PI’s.
  • A Neurobiologically-based Neural Network Model of Risky Decision-making. NIH R01GM109996. 10/15 - 9/19, $720,000 total costs for eCortex subcontract. Co-PI with Stephen Read and Lynn Miller at USC.
  • Stability of Neuromorphic Motivational Systems. Future of Life Institute grant through Theiss Research. 10/15 - 9/18, $25,000 total costs. Co-PI (Seth Herd, PI).
  • Neural Mechanisms of Adaptive Human Executive Control, ONR D00014-12-C-0638, 10/12 - 9/17, $400,000/year total costs, awarded to eCortex with CMU subcontract.
  • GPU Cluster for Bidirectional, Biological Deep Networks, ONR DURIP N00014-15-1-2832, 10/2015, $275,027 total costs. PI.
  • Neural Structured Representations for Human Activity Recognition, ONR N00014-13-1-0067, 1/1/13-12/31/15, $900,000 total costs.
  • ICArUS MINDS (Mirroring Intelligence in a Neural Description of Sensemaking), IARPA / HRL, 11/1/10-4/30/14, $1,508,984 total costs.
  • Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliance, ARL, 7/10-6/15, approx $150,000 total costs per year.
  • Embodied Common Sense in Vision and Language, IARPA seed grant.
  • Embodied Biologically-Based Active Vision, ONR N00014-10-1-0177, 1/15/10-12/31/12, $600,000 total costs.
  • Determinants of Executive Function and Dysfunction, NIH IBSC center 1-P50-MH079485, 4/1/2008-3/31/2013, Marie Banich, PI, $7,237,015 total costs, PI of Project 2 and Computational Core.
  • Integrated Cognitive Architectures for Robust Decision Making, 7/1/2008-5/31/2010, $412,000 total costs, Co-PI with John R. Anderson and Christian Lebiere.
  • An Adaptive, Biologically-Based Cognitive Architecture for Simulated Robots: Active Vision, ONR N00014-07-1-0651, 2/22/07-9/30/09, $415,981 total costs.
  • Biologically-Inspired Cognitive Architecture, DARPA/ONR N00014-05-1-0880, 9/1/05-3/1/07, $294,532 direct costs.
  • Toward a Unified Model of Cognitive Control, NIH R01 MH069597-01, 1/1/2004-12/31/2008, $787,500 direct costs.
  • Developing an Adaptive, Biologically-Based Cognitive Architecture, ONR N00014-03-1-0428, 3/1/2003-2/28/2006, $433,800 direct costs.
  • Toward a Neurobiologically Constrained Framework for Modeling Human Cognition, NIH IBSC center 1 P50 MH 64445, James L. McClelland PI, 9/30/2002-6/30/2007, $9,340,596 total award, approx $1,000,000 for components associated with.
  • Conjunctive Representations: In Cortex and Hippocampus. NIH R01 MH61316-01, 2000-2004. Co-PI with Jerry W. Rudy. $600,000 direct costs.
  • Towards a Biological Basis of Systematic Controlled Processing: Activation- and Weight-Based Mechanisms. ONR N00014-00-1-0246, 2000-2003, $360,000 direct costs.
  • Discrete Representations in Working Memory: Developmental, Neuropsychological, and Computational Investigations. NSF KDI/LIS IBN-9873492. Awarded to M.C. Mozer, Y. Munakata, R.C. O’Reilly, and A. Miyake, 1998-2001, $800,000 direct costs.

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